americana, exotica
mermaid with glitter veins

One page comic for the anthology my class is putting together about mythological creatures doing mundane activities, like a siren singing in the shower! I don’t know if it’s super clear, but she actually has a rock to sit on in her little tub thing. 
i feel like Shit and i am Annoyed

if you ask me for skincare advice and then totally disregard what i say + the scientific explanations i give you behind what i say + the fact that i am LITERALLY TRAINED AND LICENSED TO GIVE YOU THIS ADVICE and should in fact be charging you $$$ for it

i don’t fucking know what to say to you

also my body hurts and i had a good dream that i didn’t want to wake up from so ugh



ℓєт мє мαкє α мєѕѕ σf уσυ ~ stitched by drinkincherrycola